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How times have changed

LiveJournal is pretty dead nowadays, huh?

Has been for a while, but I'm still here. Rotting along, I guess.

The only place that I post with a semblance of regularity at all within the LJ realm is probably the Sakamoto Maaya LJ page (mameshiba).. and even then not as frequent as I would have liked.

*sigh* will post a proper update later
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Paisen got married! :D

Lately, I have become quite a fan of voice actors, or seiyuu. I have been consuming a lot of seiyuu-related radio shows & events too.

For the last... 2 years(?) or so, I have been following this particular web radio show (with actual video) from Chou A&G+ called "Yahagi ・Sakura no Chotto Ojikan Yoroshii desuka?", which basically means "Yahagi & Sakura's Do You Have Some Time?".

(Translating has never been one of my strong points, regardless the language. Despite having quite a plethora of Japanese vocabulary up my sleeve nowadays, translating is just not something I'm good at. But still, I think I got the translation for that right, though it needs some polishing)

So this radio show is hosted by two female voice actors, Yahagi Sayuri and Sakura Ayane. Both of them are from the same agency, with Yahagi being the senior of the pair. The selling point of the show is their 'high tension' senior-junior combination. The 'high tension' here being 'high spirited' instead of hostile. Anyway, in the show they're both known as Paisen & Ayaneru.

I'm not good at expressing my thoughts, even in writing, but this show is just fricking hilarious. I cannot tell you how fond I have become of these two lately. And today, Paisen made an announcement that she has gotten married! :D

In the show, they once had a corner called "Please Marry Me!". Basically, in this corner, listeners would send the show their proposals of marriage to her as Ni-na (Paisen's favorite character from Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side). To think that she would actually get married so soon! Congratulations, Paisen! Yet another Hayate cast who has gotten married lately. 挫けないで松来さん!
Kuroshitsuji - Grell


I have no idea when was the last time I updated my Livejournal and Dreamwidth accounts. Sometimes I make the posts either LJ only, or DW only, and so lose track pretty much most of the time.

And so in an effort to make both accounts somewhat active, here is the somewhat belated attempt, which hopefully will not simply end due to my laziness.

So to you who wandered here by some strange coincidence, hello!

And to you who have been around in my Friends List for some time, hey there!

I will try to be more active this year. I do admit that I have never been much of a blogger to begin with. And I pretty much do not use most of the social networking sites that pop up in abundance in recent years. I am aware it's there, I just can't be bothered to actually create an account to use them.

So as my baby step for being active here again, I am currently trying out new journal themes. Most of the LJ comms that I used to frequent for themes/style are now no longer updated (sadly), so if there are some good places where I can get customised CSS themes, do let me know. I am not a big fan of the ones LJ have. And if they can be applied to DW, that is a bonus. I still need to experiment a bit with DW's layout settings.

All the previous posts in this LJ will be kept under LOCK. I have no intention of making them public.

The upcoming posts may consist of Public posts mostly, though any personal ones will be Friends Locked.